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26th May 2021

Yet Another DC Animated Podcast: An Intro

Introducing the Yet Another DC Animated Podcast! Meet your hosts, Chamar Griffith and Andrew Tejada, who have known each other since 1996 and been watching and discussing DC animated content since then.

In this first episode, we will share a bit about ourselves and what to expect for this upcoming season as we go through the animated films that make up the DC Animated Universe. With a focus on critiquing the storytelling, we'll also compare these films to their source material found in the DC Comics Universe.

Hope you enjoy this journey through the multiverse!

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About the Podcast

Yet Another DC Animated Podcast
A deep dive into the animated productions and their comic book influences within the DC Multiverse
Join Blerds, Chamar "ComicChams" Griffith and Andrew "Arete" Tejada, as they give a breakdown of the animated productions within the DC Multiverse. Hear the summary of the production, knowledge of the comic influences, and the larger life lessons being told on screen and paper.
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About your hosts

Chamar Griffith

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A Blerd from birth, Chamar is just a kid from Brooklyn who has always loved epic tales, art, and animation. Given that superheroes and cartoons have all three, he dived into this colorful world.

Andrew Tejada

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